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Nicolas Carrel

Hello, Why calculators have not changed in 40 years?

I am an independent developer and a mathematics lover.
If like me, you use everyday a calculator on your iPhone or iPad, maybe you've already asked yourself: Why do all these calculator apps still copy the same 40 year old design, and why don't they take advantage of that big multitouch screen?
With that in mind, I designed PopCalc, the free calculator for iPhone and iPad that I have always dreamed of.
And now, I'm so used to its simplicity that when I have to use a classic calculator, I'm as lost as if I had to use an old rotary phone.

Discover PopCalc here: http://www.popcalc.com


Nicolas CARREL
+336 72 94 90 72

Ian Brodie

Hey Delaney. I tried Rescue Time. The results scared me.

Even if you choose to carry on regardless it's instructive to know what you're really spending your time on.

Take care


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