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Please send me a copy!


please send me a copy!

Dr. Delaney Kirk

Your copies have been emailed. Enjoy!


I would like a copy


would you mind emailing these to me? Thanks!

Barbara Virnig

Please email super bowl bingo cards.

Sample Letters

Can I have a copy?

Jonathan Edwards

Our church has a party every year, and we want to add bingo. May I have a set?

Frank Watson

Please email me a set of the Superbowl Bingo Cards.




Thank you for emailing me a copy.

jill napolitano

Please send me a copy, it sounds like lots of fun, thanks, Jill

lisa countryman

Ohh, am I too late to get a copy? what a fabulous game for me and my friends...

Melissa Anthony

May I please have a copy?


if not too late please send


Can you still send these?


I would like a copy if you can still send it.

Delaney Kirk

Sorry, Jamey, Ruthie, and Sarah but I just now checked my email. We had a number of people over for a Superbowl party tonight. Hope you enjoyed the game.


can i have The English.I'll povirde you my address later.Thank you very much in advance.anyway, i stumble upon your blog when i am googling' for online bookcover for 120 malay movies, so i am also asking your permission, to use the photo you have uploaded here at my blog.if you disagree, i'll remove it.


Elena, sihinng is not only about professional development. I think we should strive to be better human beings and i see no problem in constantly trying to develop our ability to forgive or love, for example.

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