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aion kinah

Unless you're applying for a job where the experience in writing, building traffic, networking, marketing (and potentially selling, depending on what your blog does) is directly relevant to the position. Then it should be down there in employment/experience.


As educators we are always looking for ways to have all students participate. What I am finding is that there are many means through technology that allow this to happen. Blogs are one great example. It is comforting to see that there is some research starting to be completed on blogs so that others will notice the positive outcomes of their use.
I appreciated the fact that both the pros and cons were looked at with using blogs because the same concerns that popped into my head were on the paper.
I teach at the elementary level and we just got our kids involved in kidblog. They love it! However, since many of our kids do not have computers at home, we can not make it a regular assignment. It is more for activities that can be done in the computer lab or classroom. I hope to try to incorporate it more into the curriculum for various reasons this upcoming school year.

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