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The parent is saying that he believes most of the students are cheating, but it's just a matter of "cleaning" things up. Cheating is evidently OK with him.
"Entrapment" would involve tempting students to cheat in the first place; this isn't entrapment.
On the other hand, unless the professor is mainly interested in catching (as opposed to preventing) plagiarism, he should announce the Turnitin twist beforehand. Personally, I'd rather prevent; much less work.

Dr. Delaney Kirk

I'm with you, Dale. It's much easier to prevent cheating than to deal with the paperwork afterwards!


I use turnitin.com for almost all of my papers that students submit. However, I use it more for prevention than for detection. I allow students to see their originality reports and resubmit their papers if needed. I have found that some professors don't understand the originality reports though and believe that anything above zero percent is plagiarism. For me, turnitin is only one piece of a larger conversation about writing, research, and authority as well as documentation.

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