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I have students do pecha kucha-style presentations, which seems to accomplish some of these goals:

L. C.  Aspinwall

"Think about impression management. Dress professionally. Make sure your powerpoint slides are easy to read, don't continue too much material, and are free from typos. "

Make sure your web posts are free from typos, like "continue" instead of "contain."

Dr. Delaney Kirk

Thanks Jason for sharing this link-I'll check it out.

L.C. - You KNOW that I did this on purpose right?? grin.


I graduate with my BA in Spring 2010. However, I am retired military and part of my job was to brief VIPs and others on a very regular basis. I tell my fellow students to remember that they probably know more about their subject than anyone else in the room, so they shouldn't be scared someone will make them look stupid - so be confident! I also tell them to look at themselves as more of a "facilitator" than as a presenter. Usually after any presentation there is time for discussion and if you can remember that what you are doing is facilitating that discussion than it may make it easier. Particularly, if you can see the presentation as the beginning of a discussion where everyone will be involved, not just the presenter (or facilitator). I usually get positive feedback from these suggestions. I have other suggestions as well.

Dr. Delaney Kirk

I like your suggestion of taking the facilitator role rather than the presenter. Takes some of the pressure off. Thanks for commenting.

Theresa Zagnoli

Great post ... Here are a couple of my suggestions:

- Jump up and down or run in place. It gets the oxygen moving in your body and you will not feel the physical effects of being nervous.

- Even though you are told not to 'read' to your audience first write your presentation out word for word. Then reduce it to an outline, word cues or highlight script. You need to know it to make it sound natural.

- Videotape yourself. Much worse than giving it live.

Dr. Delaney Kirk

Great suggestions, Theresa. I tell my students to walk up and down the hallway before class begins to help with nerves. However, they are usually reluctant to do so-not sure why.


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This tips are great. My son used it to made a presentation for his college and it works very well.

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