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Angela Maiers

Delaney-I love this post! I could spend...probably will spend countless hours on this amazing site! You are the best, and I look forward to some serious shopping with you soon!

Shoes lovers of the world-unite!

Dr. Delaney Kirk

Angela, Isn't this the best website ever! Happy shopping!!

Mary Ann Bell

"If the shoe fits, wear it" is another quote. I am glad you liked my Shoe Tree blog. I will try to find this, but for a while I was following this blog by a young woman who was wearing a different pair of shoes every day for some very long time, and writing about her shoes and her days. Fun! I am waaay over into the practical shoes life now, but was pleased that she and I did own shoes with some brands in common. Because of my relatively big feet, which I blamed on my dad, he always told me I had a "good understanding."

Mary Ann Bell

AHA! Went to my delicious links and sure enough, I had marked the shoe blog. You shoe mavens will like this..All My Shoes! http://allmyshoes.blogspot.com/

Mary Ann Bell

Oops I thought I posted a few minutes ago, guess just previewed. I said thanks for your comment on my Shoe Tree blog entry and mentioned a blog just about shoes, which I did just post. Some of her pics are now just at flickr and not at her blog but fun to click on and go...she must be a photographer as well as a shoe lover. As to sayings about shoes, here is another: "If the shoe fits, wear it." Of course NOW we have that newest of shoe quotations, something about a goodbye kiss...

Dr. Delaney Kirk

Hi Mary Ann,
Thanks for the link. I love the idea of taking photos of my shoes on my feet! It's just a shame that she quit back in April-no new shoes for her? Thanks for commenting.

lacoste shoes

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