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I believe that both are important when teaching students to write. However, I do focus on the language in their essays more so than the punctuation, depending on the type of writing they are doing. For example, Descriptive writing, Narration, etc...I give them some slack, but with Argument style writing, I am strict because they need to be focused on presenting their views properly and precisely. So, grammar and content equally apply, in my teaching opinion.

Michael Stiber

I agree with you, for two reasons. First of all, poorly written papers are hard to grade. Second, communications skills are so important in later careers that they must be reinforced at every opportunity.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide which reason is more important.

peter honeyman

i want my students to be able to communicate effectively, so i try to teach them how to do that when grading their papers by correcting their spelling and grammar and making suggestions on style and organization, even though the course is on networks or security or what have you.

Mike Wagner

You are right.

It is both/and...with "both" being very important.

The form that surrounds our content communicates the value of the content.

That's why it makes sense to serve good wine in the appropriate vessel.

Keep creating,

Jim Condon

I am very strict on grammar and spelling. In our profession, health information administration, communicating, both written and oral, is critical because of the audience that we communicate with. The students learn that attention to detail is important when communicating - after all, communicating is one of the skills that good managers and leaders possess. I totally agree with the approach that Peter (see above post) pursues.

Dr. Delaney Kirk

Thanks for the feedback. Looks like we agree that attention to details such as spelling and grammar are important in learning how to communicate effectively. And I agree with Michael that poorly written papers are difficult to grade. First impressions count!


so do i


most students have trouble with the importance of concept ... I have many students who are technically able but have not had a new idea in their life

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