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Bill Graziadei, Ph.D.

I don't teach students (learners) what I know but HOW I came to know what I know and WHERE to find IT together!

Stephen Dill

Dr. Kirk,

You touch two different topics, really: overcoming the urge to give answers and creating life-long learners. The first is a huge challenge after spending years learning the answers. I almost think it is genetic, I have struggled with it so long. The second may be hampered by the fact it is perceived as something that happens only in schools. I prefer the phrase "all-ways learning" for the implication that we can--and should--always be learning and there are so many ways to do it daily as we go through life.

The majority of a life is spent outside the classroom; imagine the rich learning if right from birth we fostered learning habits teaching lessons where life happens every day? Not in an isolated, controlled environment, the quality of which can vary widely from district to district. Context cues responses from deep in the subconscious. Just as we are taught so well to answer questions instead of asking questions that all but the most disciplined of us cannot stop ourselves from shutting a child's mind down by answering rather than exercising their reasoning skills, we are taught learning only happens in a classroom - so well that the majority stop exercising their inquisitive mind as soon as they leave that classroom.

Thank you for voicing this concern. I would welcome the opportunity to continue this discussion on www.allnewpubliceducation.com, where I have offered some ideas for reinventing public education.

Dr. Alan Taylor

While in whole agreement with core prnciples, it is intersting to note that the student centred learning appraoch is hurtling down the road here in Germany just at the tipping point where HE students are edged towards fee-paying consumerist status. As usual, there aint no text without context and no learneing theory outside economic or political considerations...

Dr. Delaney Kirk

Bill, I'm working on this approach. I teach employment law for example and it's sometimes a challenge not to just give the students the answer. Instead I try to tie their questions back to previous discussions. Thanks for commenting.

Dr. Delaney Kirk

Stephen, Went to your website at: www.allnewpubliceducation.com Would love to see lots of educators respond. Will post to Twitter.

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