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Mike Wagner

GOOD question!

Keep creating...a day worth enjoying,

Delaney Kirk

Thanks Mike. What advice would YOU give your younger self?


I read Gilbert's book a while back and remember being struck by his conclusion. Since that time, the lesson I have been re-learning repeatedly is that true happiness comes from living the life I have been given right here and now. Most of my daily life is really rich and I can savor "what is" right now, rather than put everything on hold waiting for what some voice in my head that says is how things ought to be.

Not that we can't learn and grow, but rather we don't have to wait for circumstances to be just right in order to enjoy the good in front of us.

Delaney Kirk

Paul, I'm still "learning" this as I tend to focus on the future, on my "to do" lists. Thanks for stopping by.

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