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Lisa M Lane

I love "vex". I hate it when students vex me. I think I'll start saying, "please back off -- you are vexing me!"

Delaney Kirk

It might just get their attention! Thanks for commenting Lisa.

Debra Sanborn

What is most curious is the number of individual students utilizing each of these tactics in a single semester! I vote for in the syllabus!

Delaney Kirk

Hi Debra,
Do you think they all got the same memo on how to vex us? Thanks for stopping by the blog.


This is great. After 37 years of teaching, there are MANY things I would like to say in my syllabus that I can not say. It does seem that the ways students make us profs crazy has been increasing exponentially in recent years.

Theresa Zagnoli

Would certainly add some spice to the syllabus!


I'm not a teacher, but I don't see how it could hurt! (grin)

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