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Kyra Gaunt

I have been starting to notice that I can predict these kinds of things from the grading esp. if you use any kind of quick comprehension tool in class. But I am not sure how I'd handle this situation until I actually spoke to the students themselves. I would say that those students may or may not be indicative of a trend so handling them in particular is essential and it's essential in sharing it with the other students what happened and how you handle it cuz word gets out that group work lacks the same accountability as individual work. Hmmm. Not sure but I am interested in whatever else you learn from others.

Art Dinkin

When I give group assignments the maximum grade I give a group is the individual maximum times the number of group members. For example, if the max score is 100 per person and there are 5 people in the group, I will give a grade of 0 - 500.

Then I tell the group that they must report back to me how to divide the points. If the score was 400/500 and one person never participated, I have no qualms giving 4 people 100 and 1 person a 0.

If no one in the group showed up, that would be an easy 0. You already gave them a second chance.

Delaney Kirk

You are so right, Kyra, that the other students will be watching to see how I handle this...I think I showed that I was not pleased about the situation during class. I also asked the class to support the remaining team member which they did in force!

By the way, I visited your website...very professional looking!

Delaney Kirk

Great idea Art. That would have made my decision on how to handle this much easier.

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