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Too funny. I have some teacher friends I should pass this along to--I'm sure they'll get a laugh out of it, too. :-)

Art Dinkin

I decided to surf some blogs... AS A BREAK FROM GRADING!

What a well timed post for me. Thanks for the enjoyable distraction.


Delaney Kirk

Thanks for coming by Trina. I looked at your website...do you have resources for college professors also?

Delaney Kirk

I understand what you mean Art. I needed a break too...not just from grading but from the emails from students asking if I was done with grading! Happy holidays!

Leslie M-B

Teehee. I cleaned the fishbowl tonight. Also, the kitchen sink is gleaming and there's new grass seed spread on both the front and back lawns.

Delaney Kirk

Leslie, You HAVE been busy! Got the grading done yet?

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