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Chuck Stull

I've had success with different techniques, depending on the level of participation I'm aiming for.

If it's simply to have students respond more in class, I find that calling on individual students by name is much more effective than just asking a general question and waiting for someone to volunteer an answer. In a class of 23 students you can call on every student every session.

For group discussions, I've found 3 crucial elements: 1) students prepare for the discussion first (typically by writing a couple of paragraphs on the topic) 2) spend a few minutes teaching discussion skills early in the term.
3) That I be quiet and let them discuss, even if it means having a few uncomfortable silences at times. (This was the hardest part for me to implement.)

Chuck Stull
Kalamazoo College

Delaney Kirk

Thanks for the suggestions Chuck. I especially like the last one..."be quiet and let them discuss." I do think there is a tendency for us to jump in with an "answer" too soon.


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