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Phil Gerbyshak

This one hit the nail right on the head. As a professor that I am paying, I completely expect they will lead the class. I also expect that instructors will be smarter than me, or be willing to say they are not and find the answer. I expect to be challenged, and I expect to learn from the other students in the class.

Most of all I, like this student, expect that the professor will have the final say unless the demands are so unreasonable that the dean needs to take over.

I'm planning to go back to get my MSM (Master of Science in Management) in the spring, and I hope I have a professor or two with as much passion as you have Delaney. Thanks for sharing it in such a public setting!

Delaney Kirk

Thanks Phil. I think professors want to be in charge--they just haven't been trained on how to set expectations, discipline students, or handle conflict. Good luck with your Masters program-I hope it's everything you want it to be.

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