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Peter Stinson

Dr. Kirk,

I predict some student will take you to task for this and note that you are not providing reasonable accommodation for his small bladder, er, medical disability.

I'm not sure there's an answer... of course, students are not permitted to get up during the SAT or ACT, and all of your students suffered through one of those tests, did they not?

Perhaps you could have the exam in two parts, an hour for each... They get the first part; when they get up, they get up... then, at the top of the second hour, you hand out the second part. They still have a two hour exam, and you've eliminated the up-and-down and, the cynic in my says, the possible cheating that goes on during the trips to the restroom.

Delaney Kirk

Good point about the disability. However, I do put on my syllabus that they are to let me know if they need any reasonable acccommodations. I then assume if they haven't asked, they don't. I think this is a reflection of society and how informal everyone is. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people talking on their cellphones while in the restroom. I just hope they are not calling me!

Thanks for your comment.

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