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I was reading this and was thinking I could substitute "Manager" and "Staff" for teacher and student, and still get some very good business advice. This is a model I should be teaching my supervisors (In the service business tardiness can become a problem too). Thanks, and all the best!

Delaney Kirk

Thanks for the comment--absolutely this would work in business. I tell my management students that you can't make anyone do anything...you can only communicate your expectations and then set up consequences. I think too many teachers (and supervisors!) avoid communicating what they expect and then following up with those who don't follow the policies and then they wonder why students (and employees) don't behave appropriately.


I am a High School student in one of Schools here in the Philippines. I was surfing the internet for our research problem about the tardiness of the students. I opened your website and I read the topic " How to talk to that tardy student".

I just want to ask if there is a significant relationship between the student's grade and his tardiness.

Thank you very much!

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