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Dr. Leslie C. Miller

Wow! How do I get some of these students? I have to spend about 1/3 of the semester in my freshman classes to get my students to even care about the question "why?" and to get them to question authority and ask for justification. Since I teach philosophy, this is a biggie!

And mine certainly aren't tech-savy students at all. They range in age from 16 to 61, with a median of 20yrs. Coincidentally, just today I surveyed a freshman critical thinking class on their familiarity with technology and was surprised by the results. Just a snippet of the results: 61% didn't know what a podcast is, only 83% knew what a blog is, only 22% have a blog, only two students knew what IRC is, and 72% have never heard of wikis. These results are not surprising considering that they are complaining about having to look at a web page instead of a paper page to view the course schedule.

Delaney Kirk

Interesting survey...I'll have to ask my students the same questions. Perhaps we baby boomers just assume that this new generation is technologically competent...when they are just like us, they know what they use...

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